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Uplands premier dairies

A few years ago, from the lush, rolling hills of the Abardares, came forth the promise of nourishment, freshness and

Conservation agriculture farming in kenya

Efforts to assist Kenyan's increase their food production in dry regions.

Gestion durable des terres
Pamat foods industry : working with farmers in kenya.

Pamat Foods is a registered Kenyan company, committed to providing foods that will help our citizens lead a healthy l

Fruits & noix, Compétences en affaires, Méthodes
Layers poultry rearing

Youthful Farmers in Kenya are pursuing their lifetime dream to be successful in the farm.

Mécanisation, Compétences en affaires, Méthodes
Yad biovitalizer by ecoh holdings limited.

YAD® is an organic soil and plants revitalizer that enhances the rejuvenation of our soils to enhance crop production

Gestion durable des terres
Aquaculture in Kenya.

Efforts by the Ministry of agriculture, livestock and fisheries to educate the public the viability of this venture t

Poisson, Gestion durable des terres
Water Melons Farming

Farmers in Kenya are turning to horticulture farming due to the good returns and the growing demands for the urban po

Gestion durable des terres, Légumes, Fruits & noix
Urban Farming Feature Gestion intégrée des ravageurs, Gestion durable des terres, Légumes

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