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Farming the god's way

A youth movement in Kenya reinventing the garden of Eden

Gestion durable des terres
Make money from goat farming

Goats are deeply embedded in almost every African culture and are true friends to the rural farmers because they are

Cheptel, Compétences en affaires
Basic finance literacy for farmers

Financial literacy helps farmers like Anna Muleli…….Rhoda Mumbua...and Mutuku Musau gain knowledge to diversify their

Compétences en affaires
Management of legume flower thrips

In tropical Africa these shiny, black, slender and small-winged insects causes damage and distortion to cowpea throug

Légumineuses, Gestion intégrée des ravageurs
False banana feeding africa

Can ensete insure Africa against food shortages?

Racines, tubercules & bananes, Gestion intégrée des ravageurs
Push-pull the zimbabwean experience

Many farmers in Africa rely on maize as a staple food.

Céréales, Autres
Promoting production and marketing of honey through groups

"Dawa", a hot drink made from locally sourced honey, ginger and lemon has become a trendy drink in Kenya’s urban cent

Cheptel, Compétences en affaires
Sowing the seeds of hope

Young minds have the ability to retain knowledge and skills learnt in childhood, and use them later to offer solution

Légumes, Compétences en affaires, Méthodes
Growing indigenous vegetables

Indigenous vegetables are the main stay in traditional diets and are consumed in a wide range of traditional meals.

Unpeeling the rot in the mango value chain

An award winning short film of Mango farmers experiencing a bumper harvest but behind the abundance there is a massiv

Fruits & noix

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