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Les agriculteurs aiment les vidéos des autres pays

Les agriculteurs parlent des vidéos des autres pays

Politique, Autres
Los agricultores disfrutan de videos de otros países

Los agricultores disfrutan de videos de otros países

Gestion durable des terres, Méthodes, Autres
Farmers like videos from other countries

Farmers from Bolivia talk about Access Agriculture videos from other countries

Méthodes, Autres
Integrated soil fertility

Integrated soil fertility management can help governments to save money, it is crucial to help farmers to become food

Céréales, Gestion durable des terres, Politique
Managing aflatoxins in groundnuts during drying and storage

Certain moulds grow on groundnut, maize and other foods. These moulds produce a poison called aflatoxin.

Céréales, Fruits & noix
Integrated soil fertility management


Saving water and overcoming salinity with conservation agriculture


Céréales, Mécanisation, Gestion durable des terres

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