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Turning smoke into money- part 3: silage | حول الدخان لفلوس: الجزء ٣ السيلاج

This video shows how farmers in Egypt produce silage from corn with 2 methods: including the corn ears and post-harve

Céréales, Cheptel, Compétences en affaires
Turning smoke into money- part 2: the treatment of rice straw with urea to produce non- traditional fodder

Rice straw, which was in the past considered as agricultural waste- to be openly burnt or disposed of in the canals-

Céréales, Cheptel, Autres
Turning smoke into money- part 1 composting

This video is about compost as an economic option for crop residue management.

Céréales, Compétences en affaires, Autres

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