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How to manage wheat rust

We discuss about wheat rust and its types in this video. And also about manage & control that disease

Cereals, Others
Maize pest and diseases Cereals, Integrated Pest Management, Others
Alternatives to fisp: farm input subsidy programmes in africa (video three of a four-part series)

Alternatives to FISP: Farm Input Subsidy Programmes in Africa (Video three of a four-part series) In August 2018, the

Vegetables, Other Crops, Sustainable Land Management
Experiences of fisp: farm input subsidy programmes in africa

An ACB Video - Experiences of FISP: Farm Input Subsidy Programmes in Africa In August 2018, the Rural Women’s Assembl

Vegetables, Sustainable Land Management, Policy
Why farmers find fisp problematic (part 1 of 4 videos)

In August 2018, The Rural Women’s Assembly (RWA) and the African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) hosted a speak-out wit

Sustainable Land Management, Methods, Policy
nursery bed preparation

A video on how to prepare a nursery bed for kales

Vegetables, Methods
Growing tomatoes by use of fresh tomato fruits

This is a technique of growing tomatoes using the mature fruits as opposed by buying packed seeds to plant.

Vegetables, Methods
Zero grazing by rose ochier

Zero grazing unit management practices.

Sawbo Tigrinya: Row Planting of Teff (accent from Ethiopia)

You can download this video here:

Business Skills, Methods, Others
Vegetable garden in small household

A scientific approaches of vegetable gardening

Vegetables, Sustainable Land Management, Methods

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