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Early wheat for higher yield

This video is primarily targets Bangladeshi farmers to go for early wheat cultivation and indicating advantages of do

Pond fish production

Farmer knowledge led pond fish production technology development and dissemiantion

Fish, Others
Collective approach of scaling out alternate wetting and drying (awd) technology in rice

International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in partnership with Christian Commission for Development of Bangladesh (

Sustainable Land Management, Others
Lalon moves ahead---- documentary on an a-card holder

USAID funded AESA project in collaboration with Bank Asia has innovated a agent banking system in Bangladesh to solve

Business Skills, Methods, Policy
Pulses in india

"In India, pulses, such as chickpeas, lentils, and pigeon peas, are a major source of protein and complex carbohydrat

Rice straw management

This video tells us about different usage of rice straw and its management

Cereals, Mechanisation
Alternate wetting and drying - using less water to grow rice

This is an environment friendly water saving and climate smart technology for rice production.

Agro-input retailers’ network (airn) promotes quality agro-inputs and trainings

USAID supported Agro Inputs Project facilitated to establish this network of 3000 agro inputs retailers in the Southw

Business Skills
Recipe for fried rice using an heirloom ominio fragrant variety

Recipe for fried rice using an heirloom ominio fragrant variety

Cereals, Others

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