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Entrevista de jeff bentley en granizo blanco

Este programa fue producido por Edson Rodríguez de TVU, el canal de la Universidad Mayor de San Simón, en Cochabamba,

Removing thorns from cactus fruit. quitando las espinas de tunas

Using a broom of leaves to remove hair-like thorns from prickly pear fruit.

Fruits & Nuts
Picking prickly pear. cosechando tunas

A short video clip showing how to harvest cactus fruit. Un clip corto que muestra como cosechar tunas.

Fruits & Nuts
Pressing cassava

In West Africa, cassava is grated, fermented and then pressed to squeeze out the moisture, before the mash is toasted

Roots, Tubers & Bananas
Pounding alibo to make lafun

Cassava spoils easily after it is harvested.

Roots, Tubers & Bananas
Molding gari to eat it

The best part of farming is eating.

Roots, Tubers & Bananas
You can eat some cassava varieties raw

Many cassava varieties are bitter, or toxic and must be processed before they can be eaten.

Roots, Tubers & Bananas
Toasting gari

Gari, or garri is cassava that has been grated, fermented and toasted, or "fried" on a steel pan on a hot wood fire.

Cereals, Others
Husking coconuts

A local man husks coconuts. He is wearing safety gear and has a lot of experience doing this.

Fruits & Nuts, Others

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