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Marketing organic products in Africa (Feb 2013)

In Africa, the demand for organic products has been growing steadily over the years.

Business Skills, Methods, Policy
Neem piment short version Integrated Pest Management, Others
Organic Farming in Kenya - Participatory Technology Development (June 2014) Others
On-farm Composting - Organic Farming in Kenya (June 2014)

Participatory development of locally adapted technologies in Kenya

Sustainable Land Management, Others
Compost pour lutter contre le striga

Le striga est une petite plante parasite qui affecte les céréales et spécialement le sorgo, une culture très importan

Farmers' perception on soil fertility in West Africa (ORM4Soil project)

The project Organic Resource Management for Soil Fertility (ORM4Soil) is developing farmer driven research to build s

Sustainable Land Management
Compostage et qualité du compost

Un groupe de producteurs-chercheurs au Mali teste la différence entre le compost traditionnel, composé d'ordures ména

Sustainable Land Management, Methods, Others
Participatory soil regeneration with farmers in ghana – orm4soil project

This video shows the recent progress of the activities of the ORM4Soil Ghana Team in the field.

Sustainable Land Management

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