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গাছের হাসপাতাল

Young Entrepreneur have started plant clinic for city gardeners.

Other Crops, Business Skills, Methods
Tree hospital

Mobile tree hospital in Dhaka city

Business Skills, Methods, Others
Button mushroom

Button Mushroom in Bangladesh

Vegetables, Mechanisation, Business Skills
Using smartphone

Women Farmer are using Smartphone in daily work specially in agricultural activities.

Methods, Policy, Others
Water management in hill

KGF Commission Research Project in Hill area. An important component is preserve rain water for dry session.

Fruits & Nuts, Sustainable Land Management, Methods
Ict in agriculture

Women are using smartphone to get weather forecast, agriculture information and enabling themselves with ict.

Business Skills, Methods, Others
Fish farming in flood pane

Fish farming in flood pane, a successful model in Bangladesh,

Fish, Methods, Policy
Jute fiber extracting machine

Jute Fiber extracting by a machine, Practical Action is trying to extension this machine under some new program.

Other Crops, Mechanisation, Others
Vegetable garden in small household

A scientific approaches of vegetable gardening

Vegetables, Sustainable Land Management, Methods
Pyramid Technology

Pyramid Method for water logged and early flood land. A climate smart approaches of southern Bangladesh

Vegetables, Sustainable Land Management, Methods

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