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Story of the struggling people of char island

Story of the struggling people of char island

by Mohiuddin Mostafa

7347 views - Submitted on Fri, 05/10/2018


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Description Around 50 lakh people abide in the river chars of Bangladesh. Every day they have fought with the mighty cruel river and its breakdown and season effect as well. Moreover, the underprivileged chars habitants have lost their livelihood day by day. And this documentary film has made upon this story. Besides, it has been uphold the thoughts and activities for the chars habitants of present government. Sponsored by: Government of Bangladesh, SDC and Swisscontact Research and Development: Dr. AKM Zakaria Documentary Director: Mohiuddin Mostafa Developed by: Film Castle Worldwide Ltd. Category: Climate Change Region: Bangladesh Year: 2018 Duration: 6 Min 51 Sec

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