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Quality vine production

Quality vine production

by Tom van Mourik

9219 views - Submitted on Mon, 15/10/2018


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A good sweetpotato yield starts with quality planting materials, called vines. Quality declared vines can increase your harvest of roots and improve the quality of the roots. With the help of an extension officer, you can sell vines to organizations and individuals for a very good price because they recognize the quality. This has the potential of bringing more income. Using vines that are not properly managed or from unclean sources can result in poor yield and rejection of vines by farmers and organizations and spread of plant diseases like viruses and pests like weevils. Sprouts from healthy roots are also a good source clean vines; and very helpful in the dry season just before the rains come. This video explains how you can produce and market quality orange-fleshed sweetpotato vines for sales and your own production.

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