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Post-Harvest Hygiene

Post-Harvest Hygiene


1542 views - Submitted on Fri, 11/09/2020

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This G.A.P. in Action video introduces hygiene considerations after harvest and during produce handling.

The video includes elements from the posters on personal hygiene during harvest, personal hygiene instructions for produce handling, produce handling pest control and hygiene instructions for harvest equipment out of our 15 G.A.P. in Action Posters – a series of instructional posters breaking down complex food safety standards into basic implementation instruction. You can download the posters free of charge here:

The development of this video was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of Industries, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries of Jamaica, the Caribbean Development Bank and UK Aid.

With the G.A.P. in Action initiative, GLOBALG.A.P. is inviting everyone to join us on our mission to spread Good Agricultural Practices around the world.

#foodsafety #hygiene #hygienestandard

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