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New affordable IRRI moisture tester for rice

New affordable IRRI moisture tester for rice


12378 views - Submitted on Tue, 17/11/2015


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After searching high and low and after many discussions with several electronics manufacturers in the Philippines, Cambodia, and India, scientists at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI; ) finally found an industry partner to produce and commercialize a low-cost moisture tester.

With the new IRRI moisture tester, farmers can benefit by making more-informed decisions on safely storing their harvest. And, they will have more negotiating power when they sell the paddy to traders.

In this video clip, Martin Gummert - - a mechanization and postharvest expert at IRRI, demonstrates how to use the device.

Around 350 units are being distributed strategically to further develop the market for a larger order. Some will be sold through IRRI at a subsidized price of US$55. Once orders reach 10,000 units, the price per unit may comedown to $35. Further streamlining and improvements, such as investing in a mold for a custom housing, could lead to even lower prices.

Small orders of the moisture tester can be placed at the IRRI Riceworld Bookshop (riceworld For larger quantity orders, please contact Nanodevice Technologies, Inc., at tel. no. (63) 2 477-1379, telefax (63) 2-470-6485, or visit - For more information, email

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