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My Story: Petronila - Kenya

My Story: Petronila - Kenya

by Admin

11179 views - Submitted on Wed, 26/10/2016

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Petronilla Omari is a member of Oburi commercial Village, which trades in 2 main crops - Cassava and Sweet Potato. For Petronilla and many of her counterparts, one of the main challenges in the past was low farm yield, causing them to incur losses season after season. Petronilla’s three-hectare piece of cassava farm used to produce barely 10-12 bags of cassava way below the current production of 50 bags.Although she endured a difficult past, Petronilla is now enjoying the food security and cash rewarding benefits of Cassava. These rewards are not only being enjoyed by smallholder farmers like Petronilla, but also by wholesale buyers, and other players engaged in the value chain.Since 2014, under the Expanded Cassava Processing Project ECVPP, supported by AGRA, farmers in Western Kenya are now turning to cassava production using the improved cassava varieties.

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