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Farmers tell their stories: Appropriate and balanced fertilization

Farmers tell their stories: Appropriate and balanced fertilization


11147 views - Submitted on Tue, 17/11/2015


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Mappa and Mulyadi, rice farmers from Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, share how their lives have changed after adapting site-specific nutrient management practices. They compare their previous fertilizer practices and with their current practices, which they have learned through farmers' field school and a computer-based decision-making tool called PuPs.

These farmers were part of participatory activities done by the Irrigated Rice Research Consortium (IRRC; ) of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI; )in a collaborative project Improving rice productivity in South and Southeast Sulawesi funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. The farmers' stories were captured using a participatory video approach introduced by Digital Green ( ). Guided by a local facilitator, the farmers themselves created the storyboard. The farmers' interviews in this video were not scripted and were based on their acquired knowledge of the technologies introduced.

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