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Comprehensive conservation agriculture programme namibia 2018

Comprehensive conservation agriculture programme namibia 2018

by Ulrike Rippke

9254 views - Submitted on Wed, 18/07/2018


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This video gives an introduction to Namibia's experiences with Conservation Agriculture (CA). It shows small-scale farmers' experiences from Namibia's Northern Communal Areas as they try CA for the very first time during the 2016-17 cropping season. Conservation agriculture is a promising method for adapting agriculture to climate change. CA is based on three principles: no/minimum soil tillage, crop rotation using a variety of crops, and permanent soil covering with vegetation or plant residues. This makes it possible to increase soil fertility and reduce water loss. The activities are funded by the German government and the European Union, and are implemented by Namibia's Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry, GIZ, FAO and others.

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