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Axial Flow Pump for Surface Water Irrigation in Bangladesh

Axial Flow Pump for Surface Water Irrigation in Bangladesh

by Kh. Shafiqul Islam

8544 views - Submitted on Sun, 28/06/2015


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Axial flow pumps differ from centrifugal pumps in that they are more fuel efficient – they deliver considerably more water per unit of fuel consumed – for water lifted less than 3 meters in height. Axial flow pumps are therefore ideal to irrigate dry season crops with surface water from rivers, canals, and creeks as are common in Bangladesh’s delta. Farmers can run these pumps using commonly available engines like those found on two wheel tractors. This short video shows how irrigation service providers can make money by providing fuel-efficient irrigation to farmers. In 2013, USAID established the CSISA-Mechanization and Irrigation (CSISA-MI) project, a new CSISA initiative to accelerate CSISA’s impact in Bangladesh by increasing farmers’ access to scale-appropriate agricultural machinery and surface water irrigation equipment. Led by the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT) in partnership with International Development Enterprises (iDE), CSISA-MI supports the use of axial flow pumps and focuses on getting the right technology for efficient farming into local markets. Video production was supported by USAID through the CSISA-MI. The contents and opinions expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect views of USAID or the United States Government.

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